Get to Know Lucie Vaclav and LVFD London


Lucie Vaclav - LVFD London Creative Designer - was born and grew up in Czechia. She left her home country and moved to London to pursue a career in couture fashion design.

Inspired by the City of London, Lucie founded her womenswear brand LVFD LONDON in early 2020. LVFD London is an independent and innovative fashion brand whose main aim is to create sustainable designs based on a creative, bold, and daring essence.

Lucie's main objective for the LVFD LONDON brand is to create eye catching and bold designs made from tulle, sequins, prints and intrigue drapery to highlight the essence of her vision. 

Lucie's garments are designed for the modern and self-confident woman, who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Driven by the desire for expressing feelings and inspirations from living in the City of London, Lucie Vaclav's LVFD LONDON fashion brand creates and opulent and chic aesthetic.

Feminine cuts of garments, fluid fabrics, sequins, and unique prints define the powerful, yet romantic style of Lucie's fashion. Each collection is inspired by the previous one, characterised by a precise sense of reinvention to create garments with versatility and uniqueness at the fore. 

LVFD LONDON's latest collection - Queen of Broken Hearts (QQBH) - was released on 22 February 2022. 

Lucie's main objective for the new QQBH collection was to combine hard and soft materials, with the sole purpose of reminding us of the two sides of our lives - the beautiful and the melancholic.

As such, persistent in the theme of juxtaposition, different and contrasting materials, fabrics and clothes, such as vinyl and tulle, are combined together.


LVFD LONDON garments have been worn and favoured by many signers and celebrities across the world, such as Becky Hill, Raya Abirached, and Drew Barrymore.

Our garments can also be spotted on TV Shows, such as the popular American series Euphorie or the signing competition The Voice UK.